Elementary School

At Bais Yaakov, a love for Torah and Mitzvos, as well as Derech Eretz and consideration for others, is taught in a warm and ruach filled environment by a staff of excellent Moros and Teachers.

Bais Yaakov elementary school is focused on producing Bnos Yisroel who have a love for learning and the self knowledge to proceed into the next phase of their education with confidence.
Midos and social engagement are strongly emphasized at Bais Yaakov. Our Midos program encourages our girls to discover in depth a new midah each month, through games, songs and an interactive hotline. Our Moros and Teachers are highly qualified, gifted and truly caring educators. Teachers and other staff supervise recess and free time to encourage appropriate social interactions. Social skills workshops, facilitated by our staff social worker, have shown much success in improving student interactions.
Reading fluency in Hebrew and English is stressed as a building block for success in all subjects. Our students enjoy hands on lessons, activities and field trips in science, math and computers, as well as language arts, nutrition, physical education and art. Special performances throughout the year allow our girls to showcase their special talents and personalities outside the classroom.
All students are assessed in their proficiency, particularly in reading and math, to identify any additional needs early on and reconsider any modifications needed in the classroom. Resource room services are made available for students within the classroom and on a one-on-one basis, depending on the students’ needs and other supplemental assistance is provided by Title I and the local school districts.
Bais Yaakov Elementary School is a warm, welcoming, accepting environment, where young girls can thrive and grow into young women.

To be a part of Yeshiva Bais Yehudah
is a lifelong experience.