Middle School

At Bais Yaakov, a love for Torah and Mitzvos, as well as Derech Eretz and consideration for others, is taught in a warm and ruach filled environment by a staff of excellent Moros and Teachers.

Middle School is the crucial bridge for impressionable young girls, as they transition between elementary and high school.  Our Moros and Teachers are experienced and caring educators who make sure to reach each student on their own level and make the most of these critical years of emotional, social and spiritual growth.
Our curriculum focuses on critical thinking and intellectual development, as students transition from a single-teacher classroom to a departmental program.  Through sixth, seventh and eighth grades textual skills are developed in Rashi and Meforshim, first reading and understanding, then interpreting on their own.
Our students excel on their own merit as well, in statewide academic competitions and recently as finalists in state and national essay contests, including the Kaplun Foundation Essay Contest and the Michigan Farm Bureau Insurance Essay Contest.
Middos, school spirit and wide ranging concepts are taught through division wide programs throughout the year that incorporate games, songs and projects to get everyone involved. Our own Eighth graders lead committees for events and chesed programs that include all students throughout the Middle School.
Bais Yaakov Middle School’s goal is to provide our students with an excellent academic, spiritual and emotional education and guidance as our students mature from Elementary to High School.

To be a part of Yeshiva Bais Yehudah
is a lifelong experience.