A storied history.

A rich past.

A vibrant future.

A journey through the years.

A storied history.

A rich past.

A vibrant future.

A journey through the years.



Rabbi Yehudah Leib Levin opens an after-school learning program  in the Mogain Avrohom Synagogue on Farnsworth Street.


Now 35 students strong, the school moves to Beth Tefilo Emanuel Synagogue on Twelfth Street and institutes a full curriculum.


After his passing, the school is renamed Yeshiva Beth Yehudah in memory of Rabbi Levin.


The Yeshiva, now located at Dexter and Cortland, teaches 162 students across six grade levels.


The Bais Yaakov Girls School is established. Rabbi M.J. Wohlgelernter becomes Yeshiva Beth Yehudah’s first President, and Rabbi Simcha Wasserman, son of the great Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman, is appointed Dean.


At the urging of the legendary Rabbi Shraga Feivel Mendelowitz, founder of the National Torah Umesorah Day School movement, Rabbi A.A. Freedman moves from New York to lead the Yeshiva.


Rabbi Sholom Goldstein joins Rabbi Freedman in leading the Yeshiva and the greater community.


Rabbi Joseph Elias begins his tenure as Principal.


The Yeshiva moves to its current location on Lincoln Road in Southfield.


Yeshiva purchases a building in Beverly Hills for the Girls School

The Saltsman New Americans Program launches to serve the many Russian immigrants now joining the community.


The Girls School moves into the newly renovated Bnai Moshe Synagogue in Oak Park, central to its students’ community.


The Yeshiva opens a new division, Partners Detroit, offering adult education and community outreach.

A new preschool building is raised adjacent to the Boys School.


The Bais Yehudah Kollel is founded, starting with eight young scholars learning day and night.


The new Girls High School and Preschool building is completed - across the street from the Bais Yaakov girls’ elementary school in Oak Park.


The Dr. Lois & Dr. Milton Shiffman Boys’ School is expanded and renovated to accommodate its continued growth.


The Oak Park campus is dedicated as the Nancy Grosfeld Beth Jacob Campus of the Yeshiva Beth Yehudah in honor of Mrs. Nancy Grosfeld.


The Yeshiva is currently nearing the completion of our new girls’ elementary and middle schools building scheduled to open in 2020 - located on the Nancy Grosfeld Beth Jacob Campus.

“The Yeshiva provides a unique combination of an uplifted Torah and secular education, along with a critical focus on a love for learning and high ethical teachings. It is a remarkable recipe for producing high achievers for our next generation.”

Mr. Matt Simoncini,

2017 Outstanding Leadership Awardee

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